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Camarillo Vistage

Elevating Leadership Through CEO Coaching & Peer Advisory

Welcome to Camarillo’s thriving center for CEO coaching and peer advisory excellence. At Vistage, we champion leadership growth by connecting visionary leaders to a network of seasoned CEOs and executives. Our community fosters collaborative growth, knowledge exchange, and unparalleled opportunities for personal and professional evolution in today’s competitive business landscape.

Join a vibrant community of local leaders shaping Camarillo’s future across diverse industries. From Retail and Hospitality to Manufacturing and Technology, our collective expertise drives innovation and success in our local economy.

Play Video about Vistage Peer Groups networking
Play Video about Vistage Peer Groups networking

Why Vistage in Camarillo?

Dynamic Peer Collaboration

Engage with 12-16 high-caliber executives from diverse, non-competing organizations. Together, navigate business challenges, leveraging unique perspectives for innovative solutions.

Expert Mentorship

Your journey with Vistage includes access to a dedicated executive coach or Chair. These mentors facilitate group discussions in Westlake, ensuring a focused exploration of key issues and impactful solutions.

Inspiring Thought Leadership

Immerse in transformative experiences with world-class speakers at local workshops and events. Gain insights tailored to Camarillo’s business ecosystem, igniting growth strategies.

Local Networking Hub

Connect with Camarillo’s business elite for real-time advice and referrals through our exclusive online networks. Foster partnerships within Wholesale Trade, Construction, Retail, and more.

Actionable Insights

Benefit from Vistage Research, offering tailored analyses and webinars for Camarillo’s small and midsize businesses. Stay ahead with strategic insights relevant to our local market.

Monthly Private Executive Coaching

Receive one-to-one coaching from an accomplished business leader.

Get personalized guidance to navigate challenges and opportunities.

Organize and prioritize opportunities and challenges to bring to the group to process.

Core Values Driving Success

At the core of our Camarillo Vistage group is a commitment to fostering growth through mutual support and accountability. Together, we elevate decision-making, fuel continuous improvement, and drive exceptional results in Camarillo’s dynamic business landscape.

Sean Caughron Vistage Chair

From the Desk of Sean Caughron

As a CEO, I was a proud member of Vistage for over 8 years. Throughout my journey, I leaned on and received priceless feedback and support during multiple phases of business growth, the challenging “Covid” times, and culminating in the successful sale and exit of my company in 2022.

Elevate your leadership journey with Camarillo Vistage – where excellence meets collaboration, and success is a shared endeavor.

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